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  Better Man
  (by Terry Hollahan and Pam Childs)
  "Mama would you fix my bike"
"I think Iíve got a flat"
"Hey mama would you pitch the ball"
"If I can find my bat"

Wait a minute buddy
Let me dry your sisterís tears
Time to get your homework done
Supperís almost here

Better get the kids to bed
Before it gets too late
Gotta get Ďem off to school
And be at work by eight
On the way home (make time)
To get the groceries in
Pick up the kids from school
And start it all again

Since you left Iíve learned a lot about myself
Iím living in the real world and youíre off somewhere else
I never thought that you would put us on the shelf
But I know one thing that is true
Iím a better man than you

I donít know how to fix a sink
But I guess Iíll muddle through
Or set-up this damn TV
But hey, neither did you

And all this yardworkís hard
But makes me feel so good
Doing all those things
All those things you never would

Since you left I learned to live life on my own
I can hold down a job and keep up a home
I never thought that I could make it on my own
But I know one thing that is true
Iím a better man than you

These 24 hour days have got me up against the wall
Iíd let go in a minute if I had somewhere to fall
But thereís just one thing that gets me through it all
Every little thing I do, I do so much better than you

I could sit here and talk the whole night through
But Iíve got better things to do
ĎCause Iím a better man than you . . .
  © 2005 Hollahan-Childs Music, Lichelle Music, Paducah Publishing